My work is an investigation of life. In my studio practice, I am concerned and consumed with touch, geometry, interactivity, and human experience, yet driven by intuition. As an avid observer in the way angles intersect, in all things, human and inanimate, I find that the collision of forms and materials cause pause for meaning. I pay attention to the way the body, my favorite object, moves, and love the mash-up of gestural and geometrical which is where my interests lay, in the joints, how we move, touch, see, breath – and experience.

I study the world around me and represent it through abstract forms, shapes and colors that allow for a broad interpretation - one that takes thought, and imagination, on the part of the viewer. I make artwork that invites the mind to wander, and for the viewer to complete ones own meaning, especially if we keep our minds open and consider that looking is not seeing.